About and why

Melanin boxes was created due to the lack of representation within the beauty box industry in Sweden. Many boxes on the market rarely speak to people of color  with origins outside of Sweden. 

Therefore the CEO of Melanin Boxes Thérèse Kodjo  offers such service with inclusiveness in mind. Including all people no matter race, gender and other attributes in the process of choosing products featured in the box.

By creating two sets of boxes Melanin Boxes includes, non-black people of color and black people of color. 

The Original Melanin Box  aims to include all people of color and The Ohemaa Melanin Box that celebrate BLACK people and provides products that are necessary in the everyday life of people that are of African descent.

These boxes celebrates the MELANIN that is within us all and gives anyone that needs  short break from life products to pampers themselves and remember their greatness no matter origin. 

This is the box for US by Us !

What do we believe in? 

1. Offering  a service craved by many whilst we also give back and supporting the upcoming brands owned by minorities. 

2. Diversity in all it's shapes and ways such as gender, age, skin-tones, physical and physical abilities, structure and more."Bridges are to unite not separate", meaning we always use terms that brings us as humans with all our differences and similarities closer.

3.Create work openings for minority influencers, talents etc. Influence the fashion/beauty industry's values and ways of dealing with their communication, product manufacturing and likewise.