It's a "q&a" thing!

Why do you charge for shipping?
We want to ensure our customers that their boxes reaches them and by charging a small shipping fee we can select a much safer shipping alternative. It's no secret that the postal services has been lacking these past years however we are looking for new ways to ship our lovely boxes for less!
Why don't you have a more beautiful box?
Actually we do have a reason for that and we are glad someone asked! Our boxes are not our focus point, what's inside is. Why? Because just as with us humans we do not think what's on the outside is the most important thing, it's what's on the inside that matters. We put all our energy, time and resources on making sure we have a awesome inside, meaning great products from awesome brands! The outside is just a shelter to protect the the goods we hope you will love.
I did not get my box yet, what's up?
So sorry, right now we are trying out various ways of shipping our boxes so that we can chose the best way for you to receive your box intact and quick. Please do contact us and let us know if you havent got your box 7 workdays after ordering one. From November 2017 we will send our packages with PostNords tracking service so that you can see your package movement from us to you!
I got a product that does not suit me, what do I do with it?
One size fits most but certainly not all right? However don't give up on the product or the brand, we reccomend you check out the brands website to see if the same product comes in various colors or shades. You may also take a look at our kickass tutorials where we give out a few pointers on how one product can be used differently to make it work for everyone. Feel free to tell us which product you would like to see a tutorial with, we try to do at least one with each product.
How can I pay my subcription?
We offer payments via Swish, PayPal and Payson. For invoice (faktura) or monthly downpayments please choose the Payson payment option.


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